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Fireplace Chimney Repair

Fireplace Chimney Repair - Kleen Sweep San Diego

  • Chimney Repair – Crown Resurfacing • Chimney Caps • Spark Arrestors
  • Wind Caps • Top Sealing Dampers • Smoke Guards
  • Fireplace Repair – Firebox Repairs • Tuckpointing • Refractory Panel Replacement
  • Fireplace Doors • Fireplace Screens • Heat Reflectors
  • Gas Logs • Log Lighters

Are you having smoking problems with your fireplace? Does your home smell like smoke? We can diagnose the problem and offer you a cost effective solution. Call us today!

Fireplace Chimney Repair

Chimney Repair – Chimney Crown

Chimney Crown Resurfacing is a common chimney repair.  The chimney crown is an important part of the chimney system. It is the area around the top of the chimney that acts as an umbrella for the entire chimney structure. The chimney crown tops off the masonry walls of the chimney with a small concrete roof that prevents water from seeping into the bricks and mortar that make up your chimney. This simple structure can actually save homeowners thousands of dollars in costly water damage repairs.

Fireplace Chimney Repair - Chimney Crown Repair  Fireplace Chimney Repair - Chimney Crown Repair Fireplace Chimney Repair - Chimney Crown Repair

  • Chimney Crown Sealing and Rebuilding – If a chimney crown becomes cracked or damaged, water and moisture can seep into the vulnerable masonry material of your chimney system and start deteriorating from the inside out. For this chimney repair sealing with Crown Coat is the best solution for a failing chimney crown and can save you from dealing with a costly structural chimney repair that could occur if the problem is neglected.

Chimney Caps Chimney caps usually are made of aluminum, copper, galvanized or stainless steel. Chimney caps serve a number of purposes, including preventing hot embers and sparks from flying out of the chimney and onto the roof. Minimize wind downdrafts that cause smoke. Prevent or minimize rain from entering the chimney flue and causing rust damage to the chimney damper. Prevent birds and other animals from getting into your chimney and your home.

Fireplace Chimney Repair - Chimney Caps Fireplace Chimney Repair  - Chase Cover Fireplace Chimney Repair - Chase Cover Fireplace Chimney Repair - Wind Cap Fireplace Chimney Repair - Wind Cap Fireplace Chimney Repair -  Metal Flue Cap Fireplace Chimney Repair - Black Metal Spark Arrestor Chimney Cap

Chimney Damper A chimney (fireplace) damper, usually located in the throat of a masonry chimney just above the firebox, is a device that is meant to seal your fireplace shut when it is not in use. This is necessary so that heated air from your home will not escape up the chimney when the fireplace is not being used. An open or leaky damper can add hundreds of dollars a year to your heating costs.

Top Sealing Damper Fireplace Chimney Repair - Top Ceiling DamperIf you have noticed cold air coming from your fireplace this is an indication that you may have an old leaky fireplace damper. Installing a top sealing damper will not only stop 90% of air leakage, but can also keep animals and debris out of your chimney. A top sealing damper is also a cost effective replacement for a rusted out or frozen damper.


The Importance of Chimney Repair> Article by
Regular maintenance and repair of your chimney and chimney flue are important in keeping your family safe and warm for many years to come. Why is Chimney Repair so Urgent? The function of a chimney is to draw smoke and gases away from the burning fire and out of your home. This is not merely a matter convenience, though. The smoke from a fire can contain dangerous gases, among them carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless gas that can cause illness, or even death, in large amounts.” >
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Fireplace Repair

Firebox Repair

Firebox Tuckpointing 
Fireboxes, the inside area of a fireplace where the fire burns, occasionally need to undergo maintenance and repair. The most common repair needed is firebox tuckpointing. Deteriorated mortar joints are removed, the area is cleaned and new refractory cement is applied. Other common repairs needed are repair or replacement of cracked, damaged, loose or missing firebrick. In these instances the bad brick is repaired or replaced as needed.

Fireplace Chimney Repair - Firebox Tuckpointing  Fireplace Chimney Repair - Firebox Tuckpointing

Refractory Panel Replacement
If you have a prefabricated fireplace, only the cracked or worn refractory panels need to be replaced, but this should be done by a certified chimney technician. The panels will need to be cut and sized properly, and in some cases, multiple panels need to be fit together.

Fireplace Chimney Repair - Firebox Refractory Panels  Fireplace Chimney Repair - Refractory Firebox Panel Replacement

Fireplace Door and Gas Log Set  The addition of a glass door and gas log set can turn your old fireplace into a welcome improvement for your San Diego home. > more
Fireplace Chimney Repair - Fireplace Door and Gas Log Set  Fireplace Chimney Repair - Fireplace Door and Gas Log Set  Fireplace Chimney Repair - Fireplace Door and Gas Log Set

Miscellaneous Repair Items and Accessories

  • Ash Dump Doors The ash dump door is located in the middle of the firebox and makes it easy to remove ash from the firebox. The dump door is opened to move the ash into the ash dump. The ash dump is the space directly below the ash dump door and is where the ash falls anytime the ash dump door is opened.
  • Ash Clean Out Doors   A small door which gives access to the area of the chimney where ashes or soot collect. By installing a clean out door, subsequent cleanings are accomplished more quickly.
  • Fireplace Smoke Guards Smoke guards are simple and affordable solutions to smoking fireplaces . Smoke guards are used to reduce the size of the fireplace opening which allows the fireplace to contain back drafts and control the flow of heat that is produced by the fireplace.
  • Fireplace Heat Reflector Fireplace heat reflectors will maximize gas and wood use, and protect your firebox from heat damage.Fireplace heat reflectors will also increase the amount of heat entering the room by as much as 42%.
  • Fireback Installation A fireback is an excellent method of increasing the heat output and efficiency of a wood fireplace. Firebacks serve both as decoration and as a practical way to increase the heat from a fireplace so that the fireplace not only heats the area in front of the fireplace, but also the entire room.