Rumford Fireplace

“ Rumfordizing ” Your San Diego Fireplace

favicon-kleen-sweepSince 2007  many Kleen Sweep clients have relied on Matt Kastlunger’s expert advice as a CSIA chimney sweep in finding ways of increasing the heating efficiency of  a standard box style fireplace.  As a solution we often recommend that a client consider Rumfordizing or converting their existing box-style masonry fireplace into a more heat efficient and elegant Rumford style fireplace.

Improving Fireplace Efficiency

A Rumford fireplace is much more efficient than a standard box style fireplace.  A Rumford style fireplace is made to reflect more heat into a room because it is tall and shallow.  The uniquely curved throat design acts like an airplane wing creating laminar flow that shoots air into the smoke chamber resulting in a very clean-burning and low emission fireplace chimney system. For a complete discussion of Rumford Fireplaces we urge you to read Jim Buckley’s expert advice at

Building a Rumford Fireplace

Here’s Jim Buckley and Bob Vila talking about Rumford Fireplaces.

Part 1

Part 2

Always Hire a Qualified Rumford Fireplace Mason

Kleen Sweep has been referring clients to Rumford fireplace builder Paul Walker at Custom Masonry and Fireplace Design here in San Diego since 2007. Paul is a respected San Diego fireplace masonry contractor and a highly regarded Rumford fireplace builder in England and the United States.
> Building a Rumford Fireplace – by Paul Walker

Paul began building Authentic Rumford fireplaces in London, England many years ago, and continues that tradition today in San Diego dedicated to old-world expertise and quality workmanship.
Outdoor Rumford Fireplace - Courtesy of Paul Walker - Custom Masonry and Fireplace Design Rumford Fireplace
Rumford fireplace photos courtesy of Paul Walker at > Custom Masonry and Fireplace Design

Rumford Fireplace –  Repairs and Chimney Sweeping

We Sweep Rumfords!

Kleen Sweep is very familiar with common fireplace repairs associated with Rumford style fireplaces.  Call San Diego Chimney Sweep Matt Kastlunger for a complete inspection, cleaning, and repair of your existing Rumford style fireplace. 619 460-6882